Management of Satellite Ground Stations
Monitoring & Control
Monitoring & Control
Our Monitoring and Control System (M&C) is a modular software application specially designed for the comprehensive management of complex Satellite Ground Stations.

Driven by a goal of providing user friendliness in a diverse and highly technical environment, we have designed a system which features an intuitive and uniform graphical user interface for monitoring and controlling virtually any uplink, downlink, SNG or Broadband Media Network scenario. The uniqueness of the system is further enhanced by features such as command execution verification, multiple language support, integrated Antenna Control and Tracking System (ACTS), configurable alarming and an extensive library of device drivers.
The M&C System can be integrated as part of a turnkey
solution or as a ground station retrofit.

ND SatCom`s M&C System is
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to operate
  • Highly available
  • Secure and
  • Very flexible

Key Features

  • Scalable and modular client/server architecture
  • Remote control via satellite
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) based on block diagram views
  • Status monitoring, alarm and event notifications
  • Secure login and smart command capabilities
  • Redundancy automatic
  • Conflict-free pre-setting (Line Settings)
  • Uplink Power Control (UPC)
  • EIRP display and control
  • Automatic Antenna Pointing System (APS)
  • Antenna Control & Tracking System (ACTS)
  • Spectrum viewer
  • Dynamic selection of equipment (Slot Configurator)
  • Highly available server (cluster system)
  • Multiple language support

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