ND SatCom

Cellular Backhaul

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored solution portfolio for cellular networks
  • Backhaul trunking, rural mobile services, back-up networks
  • Compatible with all cellular technologies (GSM 2.5G to LTE)
  • Interconnection via traditional E1 interfaces or IP
  • Optimize connectivity with star, point-to-point or meshed network topology
  • Lowest OPEX due to advanced coding schemes and shared bandwidth pool

The global demand for mobile services is rapidly growing as mobile network operators around the world expand their service infrastructure in rural and remote areas in order to increase subscriber capacity. Cellular backhaul and trunking traffic between remote cell sites and the network’s switching center present substantial challenges for the operators since terrestrial capacity is often insufficient and unreliable. Terrestrial network expansion can take years to plan and implement and is frequently unviable in rural areas.

Our satellite-based cellular backhaul solutions enable network operators to quickly deploy new cell sites anywhere in the world, enabling connectivity even in the most remote locations and harshest of environments. Satellite transmission is also the quickest and most reliable method of restoring communication links in disaster zones due to its rapid deployment capability and the fact that it does not require the use of terrestrial infrastructure. Furthermore, it is ideally suited to provide temporary coverage for special events with high subscriber density.

Only SKYWAN offers single hop connectivity, cell to cell. Today.