ND SatCom

Mobile satellite solutions

The professional courses cover all relevant topics for Mobile Satellite Solutions

Based on the special customer system configuration, final course duration and content will be discussed with the training expert.

Course overview - Mobile Satellite Solutions (linked information available for "Entry" level only).


Satellite communication fundamentals (Broadcast)

Course 7000 / 1 day

Special Customer Packages

Basic Operation

  • SKYRAY antenna series and vehicle configurations
  • SPT600M terminal and Ranger terminal
  • Up- & downlink components
  • Pointing type and procedure
  • Line-up and standard operation

Course typically between 1 and 2 days

Advanced Operation & Maintenance

  • Maintenance tasks at system and
  • component level
  • System commissioning procedures
  • Special configurations (e.g. redundancy)
  • Video / audio components

Course typically between 1 and 3 days