17 December 2014 2014

SKYWAN 7000 series receives FIPS certification

Friedrichshafen, Germany, December 16, 2014 - ND SATCOM today announced that their flagship technology, the SKYWAN 7000 product family, has received the FIPS certification for the SKYWAN Cryptographic Module.

The FIPS certification is awarded by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the USA. The awarded FIPS certificate # 2277 documents that the Cryptographic Module SKYWAN-SE (Security Engine) meets the standards required for use in US governmental and defense applications. 

ND SATCOM’s SKYWAN 7000 platform is a versatile MF-TDMA VSAT solution for high-speed contribution and distribution of video or data content, live or on demand, using only one single hop. The solution offers various choices for transmitting video or streaming data in combination with telephony and production intercommunication. The network may consist of multiple sites supporting several transmissions in parallel. The SKYWAN-SE Cryptographic Module is a multichip embedded hardware engine providing AES256 encryption services for Ethernet & Frame-Relay/Serial data traffic and MF-TDMA control signalling for the ND SATCOM SKYWAN 7000 Series satellite modems. This module provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3 TRANSEC services adding no satellite bandwidth overhead.

Helmut Jaeckle, Product Manager for SKYWAN comments: “This certification is of major importance to us as it opens up an array of new business opportunities, especially within the US government agencies and the military. Since our technology now has been certified to exceed the stringent requirements set by the NIST, it can also undoubtedly be applied by other customers with the need for extra high security when transmitting data over satellite. The SKYWAN-SE Cryptographic Module is available as an option to the SKYWAN models 7000, 2070 and 2570, so now we can offer different sets of features but with the same high level of encryption.”