13 September 2016 2016

ND SATCOM and Sevis tested Interoperability for optimized 3G/LTE Backhaul over Satellite

Sevis optimizers combined with ND SATCOM’s SKYWAN 5G satellite routers deliver high data rate 3G and LTE services with boosted efficiency and flexibility.

ND SATCOM and Sevis tested Interoperability for optimized 3G/LTE Backhaul over Satellite

Immenstaad, Germany, September 2016 – ND SATCOM announces full interoperability with Sevis Systems’ suite of Intelligent Backhaul Optimization (IBO) applications. Validation testing confirmed high-performance for 3G and LTE mobile services across the ND SATCOM SKYWAN 5G VSAT system, integrated with Sevis optimizers.

The combined platform provides a high-speed and bandwidth-efficient solution for mobile network operators (MNOs) that wish to expand 3G and LTE coverage in remote or rural areas that are unserved or underserved by terrestrial backhaul technology. Joint testing of the combined ND SATCOM SKYWAN 5G terminals and Sevis IBO, including optimization and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) acceleration technology, resulted in substantial bandwidth savings and boosted performance over high-latency geostationary (GEO) satellite links provisioned for both 3G and LTE backhaul.

Helmut Jäckle, Product Manager SKYWAN, ND SATCOM, said, “We integrated our cascadable SKYWAN 5G terminals with IBO from Sevis, the well-recognized technology leader in satellite backhaul optimization technology. We believe in the synergetic complementation of our respective systems and companies’ core competencies. The business of backhaul optimization is truly for signaling experts like Sevis who can always be one step ahead in protocol-layer optimization while at ND SATCOM we focus on delivering robust and high-performance hub-less satellite networks for multiple satcom market segments, backhaul included. With Sevis and SYWAN 5G, we now have a validated solution from 2G to LTE that boosts throughput from 20Mbps to close to 30Mbps per TDMA channel”.

Joint validation efforts performed specific tests on signaling, SMS, voice and data aspects of the integrated solution. Tests included registration/deregistration, mobile originated (MO) and mobile terminated (MT) voice calls, SMS (Short Message Service), accelerated web browsing and FTP/HTTP data sessions. The backhaul optimization tests evaluated bandwidth savings using out-of-the-box SKYWAN 5G terminals while the Sevis TCP Acceleration application was tested via HTTP browsing and file transfers. Performance met or exceeded expectations in all cases, with the SKYWAN 5G backhaul network delivering high-QoS services for jitter or throughput sensitive protocols and the Sevis solution accelerating download speeds and compressing traffic for more efficient bandwidth usage.

Tim Peyla, vice president, Business Development at Sevis Systems, said, “Sevis is essentially transport and cellular technology agnostic so interoperability with ND SATCOM was expected to work well. Still, the interoperability test was useful for fine tuning the combined solution for optimum performance and efficiency. We are happy that ND SATCOM decided to test SKYWAN with Sevis and look forward to working together on deploying solutions worldwide”.

The pre-certified ND SATCOM and Sevis solution is available immediately across the global ND SATCOM customer base.


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Tim Peyla, Vice President Business Development, Sevis Systems
tim.peyla@sevis.com, phone: +1 469 368 7000 x301