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Atech, Brazil chose ND SATCOM’s SKYWAN for a new ATC network

Friedrichshafen, Germany; October 9, 2017 – The Atech corporation , a subsidiary of the Embraer group in Brazil with local presences in several countries, is deploying a new Arkhe Command & Control solution in a foreign country using ND SATCOM’s SKYWAN satellite Routers.

This specific project gives Atech new opportunities for expanding its Arkhe solutions whenever satellite interconnection is needed. Winning arguments in a fierce competition were: the leading-edge SKYWAN 5G technology and long-term experience in realizing communication networks and a most competitive offering. The SKYWAN 7000/1070 product family has the link encryption feature, which was a mandatory requirement for this project.

The new Arkhe Command & Control solution comprises a central station (hub), remote sites with fixed and transportable antennas. The project has started and is now ready for Phase 1 installation; the complete network shall go into service early 2018.
“With SKYWAN and the secured transmission we get a powerful technology to implement this sensitive network. ND SATCOM has installed VSAT technology extensively in other governmental networks that perfectly fits to new Arkhe Command & Control solutions. High reliability and security was key for Atech, said Jorge Peter dos Santos, Engineering Coordinator, Atech.
According to Wladimir Bahury, Business Development Director at ND SATCOM, “SKYWAN has a track record which made it easy to prove full compliance to the stringent requirements. The flexible usage in fixed and transportable stations and the short time from project win to first installations at customer premises was only possible by using mature products”.
This project also shows ND SATCOM’s professionalism in project management: the project started in June, export control process with German authorities is completed and factory acceptance is scheduled in the next weeks. Phase 1 is for site installation of first hub and remotes will follow in November this year.
According to Michael Weixler, ND SATCOM’s Head of Product Management, “SKYWAN 7000 Series is the reliable product for VSAT networks, especially when versatility and security are required. With the SKYWAN 1070, a 1U variant for the mobile stations has identical capabilities and delivers same performance.”

About Atech
Known as a Brazilian “System House,” Atech has always focused on innovation in order to transform technology into solutions for mission-critical systems both in civilian and military applications. With its unique expertise in system engineering and technologies for situational awareness and decision-making support, Atech develops innovative solutions in segments of Command and Control systems, Air Traffic Management, Instrumentation and Control systems, Embedded systems, Simulators, Asset Management, Cyber security, Smart Connections and Logistics. The company is also responsible for the development and updating of the entire management and defense Brazilian airspace system. Thanks to its expertise and efficiency, the Brazilian Ministry of Defense certified Atech as a Strategic Defense Company (EED).
The full-featured C4I (Arkhe Family), part of this supply, were built collaboratively and rely on world-class technologies and decades of experience, with services ranging from concept development, project planning, design, procurement, implementation, transition, training, integrated logistics, and up to long-term organizational support.

With over three decades of experience, ND SATCOM is the premier supplier of and integrator for innovative satellite communication equipment systems and solutions to support customers with critical operations anywhere in the world. Customers in more than 130 countries have chosen ND SATCOM as a trusted and reliable source of high-quality and secure turnkey and custom system-engineered communication solutions. The company’s products and solutions are used in more than 200 transnational networks in government, military, telecom and broadcast environments.
ND SATCOM's flagship product, the SKYWAN platform, enables international users to communicate securely, effectively and quickly over satellite.

For further information on the SKYWAN 5G product, visit our website at www.ndsatcom.com/SKYWAN5G

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Karen Gobbatto – phone: + 55 11 3262-0884 – karengobbatto@rossicomunicacao.com.br

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