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 Launched: ND SATCOM Unveils SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0

  •  The future is now with game changer True-Mesh ACM plus SCPC Mode

 Launched: ND SATCOM Unveils SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0

Friedrichshafen, Germany; 1 December 2020 – ND SATCOM unveiled a new dimension in satellite communications with the SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0, redefining customers’ possibilities by powering the next level of immersive VSAT experiences. SKYWAN 5G is the world’s only VSAT technology allowing multi-channel TDMA networks with True-Mesh ACM for hubless secure communication.

ND SATCOM has transformed the industry with its exclusive new True-Mesh ACM, providing the highest link reliability and stability regardless of changing link conditions. This industry-leading innovation boosts throughput by throttling only the direct hop between two sites, while also supporting SCPC. No one comes close to the reliability excellence, performance standards and innovative power of ND SATCOM where customer satisfaction drives all.
SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0 secures mission-critical networks with these major new advantages:

  • Boosted network performance: 64x boost throughput with unique ACM true mesh
       -Industry-leading ACM with single-hop mesh
       -Highest link reliability regardless of weather
  • Enhanced network options: 3x the choice with our triple mode within one modem
       -Flexibly decide network topology
       -Hubless true mesh MF-TDMA, DVB-S2 or SCPC
       -New SCPC links provide highly efficient point-to-point connection
  • Assured investment: 4 years software support for business continuity and cybersecurity
       -Diminish impact from cyber threats
       -Activate security and stability patches whenever
       -Save bandwidth with the smart new “over-the-air” update

“The game changing SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0 is here,” said Michael Weixler, Head of Product Management. “True-Mesh ACM with intelligence integrated into the SKYWAN nodes automatically gives the customer maximum performance for any topology and network design. Combined with the new Point-2-Point waveform on the same platform, customers decide when to re-configure their networks based on actual connectivity needs,“ Weixler continued. “Flexibility and security throughout represent a whole new level for VSATs and a quantum leap for SKYWAN 5G.”

ND SATCOM is the only trusted solution provider in Europe for demanding market sectors such as aviation and the military, where the concept of reliability has far-reaching impact. SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0 underscores ND SATCOM’s continuing commitment to its valued customers.

ND SatCom GmbH
With more than 30 years of experience in satellite communications, ND SATCOM is the world's leading supplier of satellite-based communications systems and ground stations and supports customers with critical operations anywhere in the world.

Customers in more than 130 countries have chosen ND SATCOM as a reliable source for high quality and secure solutions that include turnkey and customized systems. The company's innovative technologies are used globally by governments, the military, television and radio broadcasting, telecommunications and enterprises.

The company's core product SKYWAN enables secure, reliable and fast communications for thousands of users daily. With the SKYWAN network solution, ND SATCOM connects the IT world with satellite communication and offers fully integrated and optimised solutions for the worldwide availability of online applications.


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