19 May 2015 2015

ND SATCOM launches SKYWAN 5G at CommunicAsia 2015

 ND SATCOM announces the official launch of  SKYWAN 5G, The ONE - Mastermind of Satcom Networks.

Friedrichshafen, Germany, May 18, 2015 – ND SATCOM announced today the official launch of the SKYWAN 5G at CommunicAsia in Singapore on June 2nd.

ND SATCOM’s SKYWAN 5G will transform the way satellite communication networks are created and behave by merging VSAT & comprehensive IT capabilities into ONE hardware device. SKYWAN 5G enables the most flexible, scalable and reliable VSAT networks ever. The all-in-ONE unit fits all topologies; plays any network role, like hub, remote or integrated in Manpaks or Fly-Aways; and allows stacking of units to further boost network performance. Never before has a ONE-rack unit VSAT hub been so powerful and flexible!

SKYWAN 5G includes an MF-TDMA modem with integrated DVB-S2 receiver and is capable of achieving significant data rates. Designed as an all-in-ONE device with high network redundancy and a wide range of IP support, the ONE device allows data to be efficiently transmitted in a single-hop directly from their origin to their destination, thereby avoiding double hops and extra delays. Bandwidth is dynamically allocated as required, which translates to substantial savings on satellite capacity cost.

No matter if a star, multistar, hybrid or full mesh network is needed, the unique hardware design of SKYWAN 5G reliably fits all topologies within the VSAT world. It even supports switching to another topology over time. Following the approach of a single hardware unit for all purposes, each SKYWAN 5G has full functionality. ONE small hardware for all network roles simplifies logistics and customs’ handling, and unprecedented scalability enables the gradual growth of the network.

“We are very proud to present the latest member of the SKYWAN Family, the SKYWAN 5G, at CommunicAsia. We are certain that this platform will become a game-changer in the VSAT market thanks to both its powerful performance and extremely compact design. We invite everyone to stop by our booth and see firsthand its extraordinary capabilities,” said ND SATCOM’s CEO.

The official presentation of the SKYWAN 5G will take place at noon on June 2nd at ND SATCOM’s booth 1U2-03. Everyone is cordially invited to attend the festive launch of “The ONE – Mastermind of Satcom Networks.”