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SKYWAN Technology
SKYWAN Technology

SKYWAN Technology

The communication requirements of enterprises and organizations are constantly changing. Flexibility and versatility are key assets of ND SATCOM’s core network system SKYWAN, which exceeds all expectations, and provides further assets! ND SATCOM‘s SKYWAN is a bidirectional satellite communication platform for customercentric networks. The platform enables star, mesh, multi-star or hybrid topologies with Communications- On-the-Move (COTM) support allowing service providers to adapt network connectivity requirements seamlessly to customer application needs. SKYWAN unlocks new business opportunities with improved total cost of ownership for service providers that need to leverage multiple hub or hubless network confi gurations. SKYWAN
provides MF-TDMA and DVB-S2X, allowing for real-time transmission with high throughput, enabling the best transport per application.

To bridge the last mile, ND SATCOM integrated and commercialized SKYWAN with LTE as the forerunner to the evolving 3GPP 5G cellular telecommunication standard. In its continual effort to innovate and take this sector by storm, ND SATCOM introduced the SKYWAN spot-beam mesh technology, which permitted roaming of meshed mobile terminals. In addition, ND SATCOM is bringing military technology to the commercial sector, using satellite COTM that can also benefi t from an electronic steerable antenna. The uniquely designed SKYWAN modem achieves all this!

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