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SKYWAN 5G Release 2.1

SKYWAN 5G Release 2.1

Imagine new possibilities. Imagine a groundbreaking solution never seen before. SKYWAN 5G Release 2.1


The future is now. The future is SKYWAN 5G.

SKYWAN 5G networks will certainly become more powerful with Release 2.1 and the same time more flexible in the way they can be controlled by the operator. Customers will appreciate the option to enroll multicast software updates in an over-the-air manner and using the customised dashboards will facilitate their daily work. The perfect integration of the Multi-Band FlyAway Terminal MFT 1500 also shows ND SATCOM’s dedication to providing turnkey solutions incorporating all the necessary components in both software and hardware.

With these important new benefits, SKYWAN 5G Release 2.1 opens a New Dimension in SATellite COMmunications:

  • Over-the-Air Multicast Software Update: Saves time & bandwidth
    - The automated multicast software distribution reduces transmission time and leaves more bandwidth for the user.
    - Recovery mode for SKYWAN 5G nodes running older software (prerequisite ≥R2.0): this is beneficial for occasionally used sites or partial network upgrades and reduces the complexity in planning maintenance windows.
  • Support of the motorised version MFT 1500: Integrated Command & Control
    - For the motorised FlyAway version, our engineers have integrated the ACU into the SKYWAN 5G, thus minimising equipment and enabling pointing on SKYWAN or DVB signals.
    - Command and control is easily achieved via the SKYWAN 5G WebUI, which enables automatic pointing, peaking and tracking.
  • NMS Custom Dashboards: Enhanced data correlation elevates user experience
    - Custom dashboards combine several monitoring parameters in a single chart for easygoing analysis and ease of troubleshooting.

Together, we will create a New Dimension in SATellite COMmunication; we will shape the future of the connected world.