ND SatCom


5G Highlights & Key Features: 

  • Get all-in-one – the reliable ONE solution
  • Gain flexible topology – star to mesh networks
  • Gain space & portability – smallest unit available
  • Gain powerful performance – with easy interface
  • Generate savings – lower cost of ownership

ND SATCOM’s SKYWAN 5G is transforming the way communication networks are created and behave by converging VSAT & comprehensive IT capabilities into a single hardware device.The multi-purpose SKYWAN 5G has full functionality on board.

With simplified logistics, it is just a matter of configuring which functions SKYWAN 5G implements in the network. Adding new sites, managing spare parts,
designing VSAT networks, ordering SKYWAN 5G – everything is straight forward and helps you make the ONE right choice.

SKYWAN 5G incorporates a comprehensive router supporting interior & exterior routing protocols and MPLS, providing a seamless integration into customer networks. The data is transferred over satellite per customer choice, either using the flexibility and network efficiency of MFTDMA or the spectral efficiency of DVB-S2, both resulting in an optimal use of costly satellite bandwidth. Even though a single SKYWAN 5G unit is incredibly powerful, central sites potentially require more performance or more receivers. SKYWAN 5G’s gamechanging innovation of stackable units increases performance and scale, such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.