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SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0

SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0

The future is now. The future is SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0.

Dive into a new dimension of satellite communication with SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0.  Just when you thought you heard it all – from reliability to flexibility to scalability – ND SATCOM breaks the barrier with new engineering features that anticipate your business needs and further optimise the performance of your business. We listen, we innovate, we lead. This is why our standards of excellence, proven track record and 5th generation SKYWAN keep customers coming back for more. We are the only trusted solution provider in Europe for demanding market sectors such as aviation and the military, where the concept of reliability has far-reaching impact.

Secure your mission critical networks with SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0:

  • Boost your network performance:  64x boost throughput with True-Mesh ACM
    - Our unique and exclusive ACM with single-hop mesh
    - Highest link reliability regardless of weather
  • Manage your network options: 3x the choice with our triple mode within one modem
    - Flexibly decide which network topology you need
    - Hubless true mesh MF-TDMA, DVB-S2 or SCPC
    New SCPC links provide highly efficient point-to-point connection
  • Reap more from your investment:  4 years software support for business continuity and cybersecurity
    - Diminish impact from cyber threats
    - Activate security and stability patches whenever you want
    - Save bandwidth with the smart new “over-the-air” update

Change is ever-present. From climate to conflicts, pandemics to politics, ND SATCOM stands behind its customers to deliver on its reliability promise time and again, while pushing engineering boundaries to continually transform satellite communication.  The SKYWAN 5G all-in-one solution represents such excellence by flexibly fitting all topologies, providing any-to-all full mesh connection, transmitting with single-hop efficiency, and scaling as business grows while keeping costs in check. This MF-TDMA modem with integrated DVB-S2 receiver supports both fixed and mobility satcom applications and remains the premium standard for satellite communication.

Choose SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0.

A New Dimension in SATellite COMmunication.

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