Ka2Go for NewsSpotter

Ka2Go for NewsSpotter

The Ka2Go terminal is the most reliable and advanced vehicle-mounted antenna system within ND SATCOM’s Ka-band antenna family for mobile VSAT. It is designed to fulfill the most demanding broadcasting needs within the Ka-band market.The Ka2Go terminal is based on a proven lightweight and robust design with a patented motorized positioner and an Automatic Pointing System to any satellite. This terminal supports the KA-SAT modem family and is an ideal solution for the EUTELSAT NewsSpotter service.

This streamlined aerodynamic terminal has small dimensions allowing it to be mounted on any passenger vehicle. Ka2Go can be considered a “plug and play” terminal as it becomes operational by pressing only one button. The antenna consists of a high precision offset Ka-band reflector, GPS receiver, compass-enabling automatic pointing and automatic network acquisition. In addition to the antenna, the terminal integrates a KA-SAT modem, IP router and antenna controller.

Plug and Play

Ka2Go Terminal Pointing (4:22min, on Youtube)

  • Go live quickly, from stowed to operational within 3 minutes
  • Web interfacing through mobile device
  • Integrated IP router
  • Easy Operation – no technician needed
  • Best automatic antenna pointing on the market