The SKYWAN family of Frame Relay Access Devices is complemented by the SKYWAN FAD 8400, a device which supports serial ports only. The FAD 8400 enables enterprises and service providers to incrementally scale their network infrastructure as requirements for additional serial ports increase. It can be used stand-alone or to extend the three serial ports of the FAD 9120 or the FAD 9220/9230.

The number of serial ports can be increased to whatever levels because multiple devices can be chained together. Since the FAD 8400 is an IP device with multiple connectivity options, it easily integrates into any network.

The FAD 8400 can handle framed serial traffic or support transport circuit emulation and then send the resulting data over SKYWAN networks. It supports the leading LAN and WAN interface protocols including Frame Relay, HDLC, PPP and Power Cell.

The FAD 8400 is available in two options:

  • 4 serial ports
  • 8 serial ports