• SKYWAN FAD 9140 unit is a 1U solution for central and branch office levels

The SKYWAN family of VSAT networking products is complemented by the FAD 9140, a compact high performance universal access device of latest technology. The FAD 9140 is an application-aware router and multiplexer, combining the functionality of a data router, a multiplexer and a VHF/voice gateway in a single device, enabling organizations to create converged networks and transport any type of traffic over satellite.

The FAD 9140 is a high speed, low cost, flexible and compact unit that supports 16 analog or 120 digital telephony channels in a multitude of application scenarios. The universal access device provides concentration and switching of packetized voice as well as data from the LAN ports and/or the serial interfaces. Being specifically adapted to the SKYWAN VSAT system, the combination of both defines the state of the art for voice quality in packetized transmissions over satellite. Bandwidth usage is minimized through efficient compression and dynamically call set-up. Extension interface cards add optional hardware interfaces to the unit.

The FAD 9140 provides a safe migration path from legacy TDM or Frame Relay networks to IP-centric networks. It includes support for the latest VoIP (SIP) and Eurocae WG67 ED-136/137 standards and robust IP/Ethernet QoS, with eight classes of service and 16 levels of prioritization to ensure that mission-critical applications always receive sufficient bandwidth. In addition, specialty features are available for handling the particulars of radar, voice push-to-talk (PTT) and VHF voice applications common to Air Traffic Control and governmental networks.

IP services like OSPF or RIP routing, bridging and VLAN support, together with a wide range of supported synchronous and asynchronous serial data services complement the FAD capabilities to be used as an all-purpose multi-service integrated access router.