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Standard Waveguide Switching Systems

Standard Waveguide Switching Systems

The Waveguide Switching System is ideally suited to the RCU series and HPA (Ku-Band / DBS-Band) series manufactured by NDSATCOM. Predefined cable sets enable easy integration of the complete redundant system in standard 19 inch indoor rack or dedicated designed outdoor frame. The best choice for high performance redundancy applications.

Available configurations

Ku-Band DBS-Band TRI-Band
1:1 X X X
2:1 X X  
3:1 X X  

Product videos

open videoWGS Indoor (1:22min, on Youtube)

open videoWGS Outdoor (1:16min, on Youtube)

  • Indoor and Outdoor Versions
  • Automatic Redundancy Switching
  • Easy integration of High Power Amplifiers (HPA)
  • Standard cable set