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SKYWAN Portable Terminal SPT 600 M

SKYWAN Portable Terminal SPT 600 M

The lightweight SKYWAN Portable Terminal SPT 600 M is a compact VSAT with integrated SKYWAN 5G satellite router facilitating rapid deployment of high throughput for any to any connectivity across SKYWAN networks.

The carbon fiber chassis of the SPT 600 M comprises all elements including the SKYWAN 5G modem, an Antenna Pointing Controller (APC), the internal AC and DC power supply, and the mounted BUC and LNB for immediate use. The APC display serves to aim the 60cm dish to lock into the proper SKYWAN MF-TDMA network, one button will activate transmission. Interface to the user is via two Ethernet ports to attach VoIP phones or  any other IP devices.

open videoVideo for SPT 600 M

  • Extremely rugged with its IATA compliant case
  • Universal AC and wide range DC power inputs
  • On-air in less than 3 minutes to transfer voice or data
  • The SPT 600 M  may take the role of the hub in an All-Portable network with star or mesh topology