ND SatCom
MFT 1500

MFT 1500


  • Unique robust design for sustainable long-term use
  • Easy handling and transportation
  • Integrated Ku-band Feed/Boom/BUC/LNB
  • Extremely reliable and ready for immediate action
  • Integrated SKYWAN technology

This easily deployable multi-band modular FlyAway satellite terminal MFT 1500 supports your missions and is the terminal of choice!

The MFT 1500 terminal distinguishes itself through its operational wind resiliency and military grade design: it can withstand and operate under very high wind speeds and during severe storms comparable to deployable ground station requirements, nevertheless it is optimized for portability and product longevity.

The MFT 1500 Ku-Band is the non-motorized terminal platform and is designed for most demanding environmental requirements.