ND SatCom

Media Network Solutions

Media Networks Solutions support contribution, distribution and management of media content in various modes:

  • Smaller bandwidth applications (IPTV) up to highest bandwidth applications (HDTV)
  • Live, on-demand or scheduled
  • Encoded according to the required quality
  • DVB- or IP-based

Media companies and broadcasters invest millions in their production infrastructure with multiple sites for contribution and distribution of large media content. They face formidable challenges when it comes to networking their sites and mobile stations and exchanging media content when and where they need to. News, advertisements, print media and movies transmitted from agents, mobile stations and studios need to be reviewed, edited and forwarded within the organization as well as to external production and print sites, often at remote locations.


Media Network Solutions: We meet the requirement for an integrated transmission and management system that processes diverse bi-directional traffic types while automatically controlling multiple space and ground segment resources.


Broadband Media Network: Our solutions are ideal for high-speed contribution and distribution of any live or on-demand data, audio or video content – from IPTV to HDTV. These solutions offer various choices for transmitting video or streaming data in combination with telephony and production intercommunication.


As a contribution network, the Media Network integrates the acquisition, production and distribution sites and ensures the forwarding of all content between the sites. A truly meshed network topology is implemented for exchanging content between various remote sites. As a distribution network, the Media Network supplies end users and uplink stations with the content ready for transmission.

Save transponder capacity

  • Shorter transmission durations through automatic activation of all devices and line-up procedure.
  • Back to back bookings of transmissions possible.
  • Combine Transmission of DVB and IP in SD, HD, Audio, Video, data, VoIP within one system