ND SatCom


Video transmission and IP communication:

  • Dynamically assigned bandwidth for critical transmissions
  • No technical skills needed by user in vehicle
  • Centralized control with intuitive scheduling to the second
  • Various SOTM antenna supported for integration in vehicles
  • Optimized for lowest satellite capacity costs

News must be delivered in real-time. Every second counts. With the News-on-the-Move solution by ND SATCOM video or any other data are transmitted to the audience in the most optimum method.

Key for the used smart technology in the vehicles is the ND SATCOM SKYWAN modem integrated with the SOTM antenna allowing the ND SATCOM Management System – Media Fleet Manager (MFM) to dynamically grant transmission capacity to camera teams when and where needed.

ND SATCOM provides the complete solution for this SOTM service. Service is controlled by MFM that ensures transmitting HD video in parallel to voice calls and any IP communication while on the move. All components in the cars are tailored to simplify the work of news reporters to concentrate of the event at hand – be it a sports event like a Marathon or a report from a trip in rural region.



Jointly with various SOTM antennas the SKYWAN SOTM modem ensures transmission whenever physically feasible. The video link to the audience is stable all the time. The vehicle no longer needs to park, unfold the dish on the roof, point, go through the “align-the-dish” procedure with the satellite provider and then commence with transmission. Now it’s simply “Point the Camera” and transmit, no matter if the vehicle is driving down a busy “highway” or is at standstill at some event. “Simultaneously” while this video is transmitted the news person may have telephone contact, making the vehicle independent of a possible overloaded mobile phone network. As if this was not enough, access to the Internet and e-mail at the same time is granted by the SKYWAN SOTM modem technology.

To further monitor the vehicles and limit wasteful use of satellite capacity, the whole fleet can be controlled by MFM and informs the manager where each vehicle is, if it’s travelling or standstill.

With the News-on-the-Move solution by ND SATCOM news people

  • Concentrate on taking the shot and
  • Do not care about technical or location dependent limitations and
  • Save money.