ND SatCom

Satellite News Gathering

Our Satellite News Gathering vehicles:

Precise, live reporting from any news location in the world is what the viewing audience expects from today’s news provider. ND SATCOM is the unrivaled leader in Satellite News Gathering (SNG) technologies in Europe. Long standing and close relationships with broadcasters and service providers enable us to efficiently realize the most complex and individual SNG requirements to the highest quality standards.

ND SATCOM’s objective is to deliver state-of-the-art and futuristic solutions. We introduced the first Ka/Ku-band SNG available on the market for broadcasters' future requirements. Ka-band capacity is available almost everywhere, and with the leading-edge uplink power-control mechanism, the highest availability is guaranteed.

ND SATCOM's SNG vehicles have earned an international reputation for their innovativeness, reliability and value for money.

We offer more than just integrated vehicles. SNGs can be enhanced for operation within a media network which automates SNG vans and Flyaways to a single button operation within one seamless communication network. This enables operation by a single non-technical person and saves time and expense.