ND SatCom


The communication requirements of customers in the Telecom & Enterprise environment are constantly evolving.

In today’s technology driven world, business connectivity, continuity and security are major concerns for any company.

When locations cannot be connected to headquarters with high speed and high bandwidth, they are seldom integrated into centralized processes, and applications such as SAP or CRM systems cannot be implemented. Even file exchange, email, VoIP telephony or video-conferencing may not be possible at an acceptable speed.

When networks go down, production sites that are connected to centralized systems and business applications such as SAP, could come to a standstill and cause a loss of productivity, performance and ultimately, revenues. Most companies have terrestrial backup systems in place, but in cases of a natural disaster, pandemic or broken undersea cable, they could be heavily impacted. The solution is ND SATCOM.

ND SATCOM has the reputation for deploying best economic broadband VSAT network solutions: rooftop-to-rooftop. No double-hop reduces latency and OpEx, avoids costly central hubs, and reduces CapEx. Closed private VSAT networks increase security making unknown and unsecure terrestrial links superfluous.

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