Business Continuity

Meeting All Requirements:

  • Seamless connectivity
  • Bi-directional broadband
  • Application and expansion scalability
  • Security and reliability

In many cases, branch offices or remote affiliates are connected via terrestrial networks. ND SATCOM’s business continuity solution is a satellite-based, hubless solution. This helps IT personnel ensure business continuity and better manage operational risk with 24/7 network capabilities for a fully functional workplace to keep everyone productive.

If facilities and/or terrestrial lines stop functioning, ND SATCOM’s VSAT enables enables displaced workers to serve customers and to continue conducting business as usual – securely from anywhere. This is a vital component of a complete disaster recovery solution and reduces the impact of natural, accidental, or man-made terrestrial interruptions. It enables IT personnel to recover a company’s comprehensive information infrastructure from the data center to the end user environment via satellite – quickly, securely, and with minimal business impact.

GTB Innovation Award

ND SATCOM received the Global Telecom Business Innovation Award 2010.