ND SatCom

Oil & Gas

Solution Features:

  • Independent from terrestrial infrastructure
  • Highly flexible, fast to deploy
  • Minimal bandwidth consumption through dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Supports voice, video and data/Internet simultaneously
  • Provides high bandwidth to any location
  • SCADA application support

The Oil & Gas industry needs to maintain secure and reliable data and voice links between drill platforms, pipeline facilities and head offices, which could be located halfway across the globe. Terrestrial infrastructure for communication purposes often do not exist - yet the dependence on efficient communications is constantly increasing.

Our satellite network solution makes reliable, secure, high-bandwidth and cost-effective communication available, anywhere and anytime.

These satellite communication solutions are engineered to support a variety of satellite services: from SCADA and other low-data rate applications to excellent voice connections, video surveillance and broadband Internet. Incorporating various high speed and low speed data ports, with digital and analog voice interfaces, and the most advanced compression and lowest jitter technology on the market, our solution will minimize bandwidth on communications-constrained satellite links and ensure cost-effective transport of data and voice.

Oil & Gas officials will find ND SATCOM's satellite communications equipment suitable for everyday office or field use.