ND SatCom

Border Control

Solution Features:

  • Fully independent from local infrastructure and political situation
  • Mobile, transportable stations provide access to any location
  • Combination of all services - data, voice, video
  • High security through end-to-end encryption
  • Cost effective through bandwidth and service sharing
  • Global communications with high performance and reliability

Securing Borders Worldwide

In some regions of the world it has become increasingly important for countries to be able to secure their borders. Data collection transmission to security centers is necessary to enable quick reaction and decision making. Data exchange and distribution through satellite communication is key to secure, highly reliable and cost-effective communication.

Our technology is being used to secure borders of many countries stretching several thousands of miles or kilometers. International conflicts have contributed to more countries seeking better border security. Governmental organizations want solutions that give them complete surveillance irrespective of the territory.

Our technology helps nations to implement sustainable border control policies and supports border guards in combatting issues such as irregular migration, human trafficking and illegal drug smuggling.