ND SatCom

Disaster Management

Solution Features:

  • Fully independent of terrestrial infrastructure
  • Mobile, transportable stations provide access to any location
  • Quick deployment
  • Pre-configured terminals
  • Combination of all services - data, voice, video
  • Live streaming capabilities

Providing Emergency Response Solutions When Disaster Strikes

Emergency communication solutions are pivotal in providing relief to disaster victims. Communication connects and helps move logistical, rescue and first responder resources in any region of the world facing or recovering from natural or man-made disasters. ND SATCOM's satellite network solution for emergency response provides terrestrial independent communications to such areas.

Wireless communications that are terrestrially independent are vital in disaster areas as the terrestrial infrastructure generally is damaged. This reality makes it critical for local government and emergency workers to have access to a back-up communications network that is mobile and reliable to quickly facilitate coordinated response and action.

ND SATCOM provides such a solution. Satellites are the only wireless communications infrastructure not susceptible to damage from earthly disasters.

Our networking solutions are used by many countries to provide data to government agencies to warn them of natural calamities. Also, they broadcast disaster warning notices and facilitate general communication and information flow between government agencies, relief organizations and the public.