ND SatCom

Distance Education

Solution Features:

  • Fully independent from terrestrial infrastructure and geographic conditions
  • Low-cost terminals allow the setup of networks containing thousands of locations
  • Combination of all services - data, voice, video, Internet
  • Quick deployment of satellite communication kits

Connecting Remote Areas to Educational Centers

We offer distance education solutions to geographically remote or inaccessible areas so aspiring students have a chance to achieve their academic goals.

Education via satellite allows governments to deliver the same level of education for students in both urban and rural areas. ND SATCOM implemented one of the largest distance education VSAT networks in the EMEA region: Students and teachers in more than 5,300 remote Turkish schools now access the Internet via satellite to blend their traditional curriculum with the international syllabi. Our satellite network routers and antenna systems also support students in virtual campus settings in the Middle East with database access, live lecture broadcasts, and video conferences with their instructors. Satellites were, in these cases, not only the most cost-effective means of communication, but also the only one available due to the lack of terrestrial infrastructure in rural areas.