ND SatCom

Emergency Comms-on-the-Move


Key Features:

  • Fastest link re-acquisition time on the market
  • Remote control of transmission equipment
  • No skilled operator on vehicle required
  • High-end fast SOTM modem
  • Best voice and video quality

Emergency and rescue services must ensure or reestablish the public’s health and safety. It is the often unplanned and improvised aspects of these services’ working environment that requires them to be ready for any scenario and able to communicate quickly and efficiently from any location. The latest ND SATCOM Satellite Communication-on-the-Move (SOTM) system is one solution to restore stability and peace when the existing communications infrastructure is destroyed or simply not available. Emergency services such as the police, fire brigade or homeland security need to set up a working communications environment swiftly. Should an incident occur like the highway patrol chase of a crime suspect or an emergency response following a disaster, e.g., an earthquake, SOTM is the only solution. In all these cases, information – mainly in the form of video – has to be transmitted from the scene of the incident to a command centre. Our system runs autonomously and no set-up time is needed to configure it for satellite operation.


ND SATCOM’s Emergency SOTM system will save you time, money and manpower while maximizing ease of use. You can transmit video footage up to 7 Mbps from the first second while driving, and also if you have no cellular network or microwave connectivity such as in rural areas. No dish needs to be deployed and adjusted.