ND SatCom


Solution Features:

  • Independent from terrestrial infrastructure
  • Highly flexible, fast to deploy
  • Minimal bandwidth consumption through dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Supports voice, video and data / Internet simultaneously
  • Provides high bandwidth to any location
  • SCADA application support

Effectiveness and reliability are key factors in telemedicine communication. Due to lack of terrestrial infrastructure in remote areas, satellite communication is often the only solution for stable connections between rural areas and urban medical institutions. A telemedicine network connects urban medical centers, hospitals and medical universities throughout a region with doctors based in rural, remote and inaccessible areas. ND SATCOM’s telemedicine solution supports a wide range of applications such telephoning, videoconferencing and the exchange of medical data, such as the latest research findings in databases. Application data supported by the system is transmitted either in real-time, e.g., telephone, live operations and video-conferencing, or as store-and-forward data such as patient files and X-rays.