ND SatCom

Tactical Comms-on-the-Move


Fast, First-rate Satellite Communications Everywhere

Solution Features:

  • Fastest link re-acquisition time on the market
  • Secure remote control of transmission equipment
  • No skilled operator required in vehicle
  • Link encryption
  • Secure and robust waveform

The latest ND SATCOM Satellite Communication-on-the-Move (SOTM) system is the right solution for your critical high-security missions. You will benefit from our years-long experience as a system integrator in tactical communication, complete with anchor station infrastructure and integrated logistic support during the entire “real time” usage period. Thus it is possible to transmit live video footage from the first second the tactical vehicles are on-the-Move. No dish needs to be deployed and adjusted. The satellite link will be reestablished within milliseconds of any interruption. Using a bonded cellular encoder you can further transmit via satellite and cellular network, also in parallel. This means maximum flexibility at less cost. The tactical vehicle features a fully-equipped office where it is possible to send and receive encrypted mission-critical information, such as live situation pictures, FTP fi les or other data, and make VoIP calls – all in parallel as needed – to ensure fast network-centric warfare at any time.