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ND SATCOM is a leading global supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT modems, as well as broadcast, government and defense communication network and ground station solutions. As a systems integrator, we base our networks on our flagship product, the SKYWAN platform, an advanced MF-TDMA VSAT system for establishing wide-area corporate networks. The latest addition - SKYWAN 5G - highlights unique features, from flexible topologies (star to mesh networks) and powerful performance to its compact portable design.

Our offerings range from wide-area satcom networks, smaller corporate networks, SNG vehicles, antenna subsystems, COTM & COTP, portable FlyAway systems as well as uplink components such as TWTAs and up- and down-converters.

Extensive experience in satellite communications, paired with innovative technology, have earned us an excellent reputation within our diverse customer base: satellite network service providers, international carriers, broadcasters, satellite operators, governmental institutions, corporations and military organizations.

More than 30 years of providing highly secure, tailor-engineered solutions have made us a trusted and reliable partner in satellite communications.