Project and Construction Management

ND SatCom offers customized systems in almost all levels of integration.

Each project will be tailored to the customers' needs, including a full turnkey solution. In general, such projects are usually structured in five major phases, with each phase officially complete upon passing the "quality gate" check.

  1. Project Implementation	Quality Gate: Kick-Off
  2. System Engineering		Quality Gate:CDR
  3. Factory Integration		Quality Gate: FAT
  4. Installation (on-site)		Quality Gate: SAT / NAT
  5. Project End				Quality Gate: End

The Project Management method at ND SatCom mainly applies to the standards of PMP.

Project and Construction Management

The Project Manager is supported by the Prime System Engineer who is the technical lead within the project. Depending on the size of the project, the two roles may be combined and managed by one person.

Construction Management covers the following tasks within the project management phases of Factory Integration and Installation (on-site):

  • Plan and organize resources - people and material
  • Supervise assembly work
  • Manage subcontractors, especially for on-site activities