Integration & Implementation

The ND SatCom Integration Team specializes in final component assembly into the system.

The basis for assembly is the build documentation resulting from the Critical Design Phase, which gets approved and released within the CDR (Critical Design Review).

In the first step the mechanical part of the system assembly takes place, followed by the system cabling - from electrical power to signal cabling.

Integration and Implementation

Mechanical Integration

  • Workmanship (sawing, drilling, milling, bending, turning, welding, soldering, painting, etc.)
  • Assembly (module, device, rack, vehicle, container, antenna, etc.)
  • Waveguide manufacturing and calibration for C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka-band
  • Prototype construction
  • On-site construction and assembly
  • On-site antenna assembly (ND SatCom and ASC antennas)

Electrical Integration

  • Cable sets, system cabling
  • Module and device assembly
  • 19"-rack cabling
  • Equipment assembly and cabling into vehicles
  • On-site assembly and cabling
  • Assembly, integration and test of high-quality coaxial cables for various frequencies and power ranges
  • Assembly, integration and test of fiber-optic links