SKYWAN 5G Technology

ND SatCom’s Flagship Platform: Expanding the Possibilities of Satellite Communication.

What’s In It For You?

SKYWAN 5G Highlights & Key Features:

  • GET ALL-IN-ONE – the reliable and secure ONE solution
  • GAIN FLEXIBLE TOPOLOGY – star to mesh networks
  • GAIN SPACE & PORTABILITY – smallest unit available
  • GAIN MULTI-FIT – reconfigurable waveforms
  • GENERATE SAVINGS – lower cost of ownership
SKYWAN 5G Wide Area SatCom Network Overview

SKYWAN 5G Wide Area SatCom Network Overview

    Rooftop-to-Rooftop | Routed | QoS | Compression | Stacking | Load Balancing | Redundancy
    Multi-Customer | Multi-Service | Bandwidth on Demand | Local VLan Switch | Service Guarantees
    Secure Waveform | Encryption| Secure NMS APIs
    Fixed | Transportable | On the Pause | On the Move
    GEO | C, X, Ku, Ka Band | Wide Beam | Spot Beam | Beam Switching | Cross-Strap

Why SKYWAN 5G? Explain More: ND SatCom’s SKYWAN 5G transforms the way communication networks are created and behave by converging VSAT & comprehensive IT capabilities into a single hardware device. The multi-purpose SKYWAN 5G has full functionality on board with its all-in-one solution. Simplified logistics enable easy configuration of the functions SKYWAN 5G implements in the network. Adding new sites, managing spare parts, designing VSAT networks, over-the-air multicast software updates – everything is straightforward and helps you make the ONE right choice.

The platform enables star, mesh, multi-star or hybrid topologies with Communications-On-the-Move (COTM) support, allowing service providers to adapt network connectivity requirements seamlessly to customer application needs. SKYWAN 5G unlocks new business opportunities with improved total cost of ownership for service providers that need to leverage multiple hub or hubless network configurations.

SKYWAN 5G incorporates a comprehensive router supporting interior & exterior routing protocols and MPLS, providing a seamless integration into customer networks. The data is transferred over satellite per customer choice, either using the flexibility and network efficiency of MF-TDMA or the spectral efficiency of DVB-S2, both resulting in an optimal use of costly satellite bandwidth. Even though a single SKYWAN 5G unit is incredibly powerful, central sites potentially require more performance or more receivers. SKYWAN 5G’s game changing innovation of stackable units increases performance and scale, such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

ND SatCom integrated and commercialized SKYWAN 5G with LTE as the forerunner to the evolving 3GPP 5G cellular telecommunication standard. In its continual effort to innovate and drive this sector, ND SatCom introduced the SKYWAN 5G spot-beam mesh technology, which permitted roaming of meshed mobile terminals. In addition, ND SatCom brought military technology to the commercial sector, using satellite COTM that can also benefit from an electronic steerable antenna.

What’s New:

  • X.509 Certificate: Authentication Protocol
  • Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Service for network-wide planning & configuration
  • Bandwidth Management: Committed & Maximum Information Rate (CIR/MIR) per node in all topologies and with active ACM

Who Benefits:

  • Governments (e.g. public safety, air traffic control, border control)
  • Enterprise (e.g. energy and cellular networks)
  • Defense
  • Broadcast & Media

How We Can Help You:

Customer-centricity is at the core of our business and understanding your needs is critical to providing a tailored, flexible and secure solution. With comprehensive due diligence based on years of experience and successful customer outcomes across varied sectors, we listen and partner with you to create a whole new realm of superior real-time interaction and exchange. Your business- and mission-critical needs will be fully realized through SKYWAN 5G satellite communication networks.

Wherever and whenever you need it, SKYWAN 5G and ND SatCom provide the means to make valuable communication happen, securely, reliably, and efficiently.

Dive into a new dimension of satellite communication with ND SatCom.

Shape your future with the power and security of SKYWAN 5G.

SKYWAN 5G Outdoor Unit

  • Built for deployable terminals and cellular network installation
  • Robust IP65 chassis
  • COTM support with Doppler Shift compensation and COTM antenna interface
  • External AC power supply
  • Options for external cooling and weather/sun protection

In varied situations - from rough enviroments to when deployable antenna systems or a tower installation are needed - the SKYWAN 5G Outdoor is the modem of choice. It incorporates the full feature set of the indoor rack 1U SKYWAN 5g VSAT satellite router and is encapsulated in a tough IP65 chassis. The Outdoor version uses the identical software and is controlled the same way as the indoor units. The embedded MF-TDMA and DVB-S2 modem, with its QoS enhanced IP Router with VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) capabilities, is managed by an NMS (Network Management System). 

The SKYWAN 5G Outdoor supports cascading or N+M redundancy and an internal encryption board with AES-256 if required. 

SKYWAN 5G Outdoor Unit