Alexander Mueller-Gastell


You have to work with the right people, respect them and motivate them. Lasting success is only possible in a team.

 Ambitious | Trust in my employees | Passionate runner

Alexander Mueller-Gastell Alexander Mueller-Gastell

Thomas Leonhardt Thomas Leonhardt

Thomas Leonhardt


All economic processes can be reduced to three words: people, products and profits.
People are first. If you don't have a good team, there's not much you can do with the other two.

Pragmatic | Team player and reliable | Playing tennis


Dirk Walther

Head of Business Unit Defence

Only those who have the overall picture can correctly work out their own essential performance

Team player | Straightforward, structured, empathetic | Humorous, conscientious and responsible 

Dirk Walther Dirk Walther

Michael Heuken Michael Heuken

Michael Heuken

Head of Business Unit Broadcast & Government

Looking for solutions and not searching for mistakes

Positive, Opinionated, Determined | Helpful, Loyal | Skiing, Mountain biking


Alexander Steinhauser

Head of Support Services

The customer is always No. 1!

Straight, integrative, supportive | Travelling to foreign countries | Hiking

Alexander Steinhauser Alexander Steinhauser

Monika Haak Monika Haak

Monika Haak

Head of Human Resources

People make the difference – our employees are our greatest success factor

Quality awareness | Fair | Ultra-Cyclist