Monitoring & Control (M&C) System Software – Fix Stations

Our innovative system effectively manages and controls multiple transmitters and intricate downlink systems.

ND SatCom's M&C system consists of predefined software modules that are combined based on customer needs to achieve the desired system behavior. In addition, new modules can be developed to implement functions that were not previously available.

Success Stories

Hughes Brazil – Replacing the M&C software for 3 uplink stations

ND SatCom was contracted to replace existing M&C software with our latest M&C system. Our new system manages multiple transmitters with antennas from 3.7 to 9.2 meters. This installation required monitoring of devices from different manufacturers and adapting to the use of an older serial BUS systems. With the advantages of our M&C software, the entire equipment consisting of new and older devices could now be reliably monitored and controlled using the latest technologies and logging functions.

TDF Nantes – Teleport

The teleport in Nantes, France, has been controlled and monitored by our M&C system for many years. The system controls several transmitter and receiver systems with antennas from 3.7 to 8.4m in diameter operated via several shelters. Various redundancy systems are used, including a complex 6:1 system. The entire teleport is fully controlled by our software, which also uses our unique tracking algorithms.

Over the course of almost 20 years, the functionality of the teleport has been constantly adapted to current needs. In the process, the requirements and functions of the M&C software have also grown continuously. For the employees in the NOC, however, the type of operation has only changed minimally. As a result, they have always been able to find their way around in a familiar environment despite growing requirements. This highlights another aspect of our longstanding business relationship here: seamless updates and operational continuity.

WDR Köln – Downlink

WDR in Cologne, Germany, uses our M&C system to control its complex downlink system. The system is designed to receive various incoming broadcasts from different stations via different satellites and antennas. In order to be able to guarantee this without errors, several devices must be configured correctly at exactly the right time. With ND SatCom’s unique “Line-Setting Controller”, this complex task becomes very user friendly. The system finds the optimum and currently free path from the corresponding antenna to the free receiver at all times. Within 30 seconds, all devices such as antenna control units, switching matrix and receivers are automatically set to the desired transmission and implementation is monitored. If desired, each incoming signal can be displayed on a spectrum analyzer with just one click. Outstanding system performance has enabled this customer to fully focus on the business at hand.

Uplink Stations with custom functionality

Customized solutions

ND SatCom's M&C system consists of predefined software modules that are combined based on customer needs to achieve the desired system behavior. In addition, new modules can be developed to implement functions that were not previously available. For example, a fully automatic emergency shutdown of the entire teleport was implemented for one customer, in which all devices and systems are taken offline at the push of a button. For another customer, a DVB site diversity was realized that was not provided by the manufacturer of the DVB solution.

Please let us know which functions we can develop for you.


ND SatCom’s M&C system is the main solution for the comprehensive management of complex satellite ground stations. It is already being used successfully in more than 200 systems worldwide. It provides full monitoring and control of multi-vendor equipment, whether locally or remotely. The lean protocol ensures it does not matter whether the connection is via the Internet, satellite or mobile networks.

Why should you use M&C7, the latest release of the NDS M&C System?

  • No special hardware is required for the M&C system. If you wish, you can use your own hardware or virtualization platform as well as already available Windows operating system licenses.
  • No dongles are required to enable simple hardware replacement. This means that cold backup is free of charge and the software can simply be copied.
  • Many hardware drivers are already available, including for many older devices.
  • Workable with old serial BUS systems (many drivers on one serial line).
  • In-house software development in Germany, nothing is developed by a third party
  • Worldwide software installation/deploy on site.
  • Software is ready to use once installed, no configuration necessary, no expert knowledge required – unless not wanted otherwise.
  • Very simple to learn: operator training usually takes 1-2 hours.
  • No yearly fees.
  • Extremely cost-effective solution for small- and medium-sized teleports.

We are here to support you in your upgrade to the newest dimension of M&C Software. Please contact us for further questions or a demonstration on your equipment.