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Wednesday, 26th - Thursday, Jun 27th 2024

AFCEA 2024

AFCEA 2024

ND SATCOM invites you to join us in Bonn at AFCEA 2024.

In 2024, AFCEA will look at concrete solutions and application opportunities already in use or about to be introduced. It's all about concrete solutions. What is currently available? What is already available now? What helps the soldier, the police officer, the members of the security organizations today or tomorrow morning at the latest - not in 5 years?

That's why AFCEA has chosen the annual theme for 2024.

“Turning point in national security – Resilience through disruptive digital solutions”

Visit us, we warmly welcome you to discover our latest solutions in Satellite Communications. ND SATCOM’s networks provide efficient, secure and reliable connectivity for mission- and business-critical solutions.

SKYWAN technology – the future is now. the future is SKYWAN 5G

SKYWAN – The New Dimension in Airborne Satellite Communication

Multi-Band FlyAway Terminal MFT 1500 – severe storms, gale-force winds - ready to communicate anytime 

Satellite Communication-On-The-Move (SOTM) – fast, low-cost, available anywhere

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We are looking forward to see you in Bonn!


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