16 May 2023 2023

Enhanced Transmission Security With SKYWAN 5G, Release 2.2

Authentication of TRANSEC Terminals via X.509 Certificates

Enhanced Transmission Security With SKYWAN 5G, Release 2.2

Friedrichshafen, Germany; 15 May 2023 – The latest version of SKYWAN 5G, Release 2.2, features the next level of transmission security (TRANSEC) for SKYWAN networks with X.509 authentication. Beyond the SKYWAN network access control, we have now implemented these industry standard using X.509 certificates for mutual authentication. SKYWAN is now able to ensure that only authorised terminals with a valid certificate can connect to the network.

Enforcing verification protects SKYWAN networks and terminals against unauthorised access, intrusion, and terminal cloning. “This is in line with ND SATCOM’s ongoing commitment to prioritising comprehensive security features to provide resilient, flexible, and secure satellite communications for governments and militaries, and the enormously challenging situations/environments they encounter,” said Michael Heuken. ND SATCOM continues to meet the expectation for standards-based security, whilst providing unique competitive advantages too.

SKYWAN 5G’s multi-prong approach to TRANSEC ensures low probability of intercept through its hubless network and mesh topology (no central point of control to target), and through techniques such as frequency hopping (algorithm changes transmission frequency multiple times per second over a range of 1,200 MHz), spread spectrum (signal appears as noise over a wide frequency range) and proprietary MF-TDMA (adaptive time slot assignment plus traffic pattern obfuscation). TRANSEC X.509 enhances this facet of comprehensive network security.

With its proven track record of meeting and exceeding the stringent needs of government and military customers, ND SATCOM continues to push the boundaries of SKYWAN's security capabilities to protect mission critical networks worldwide. Come visit our CABSAT booth in Dubai, 16-18 May 2023.